"If you shall follow My statutes...I shall set Peace Upon the Land, and you shall lie without fear, and a sword will not pass through your Land." (Leviticus 26)

Throughout Jewish history, through times serene and turbulent, the People of Israel looked to the Torah for guidance & strength.

In our times, through peace and war, the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, of Lubavitch, was a source of confidence and strength to people worldwide. Both Jew and gentile heard the Rebbe's voice of clarity and realism. He unswervingly projected the Torah's view of the Land of Israel as a Holy Land, and her people as G-d's children.

Only through strict adherence to Torah principles, the Rebbe insisted, Israel can achieve true peace.

The "Peace Upon the Land" video, produced by JEM, features footage of the Rebbe's pronouncements on the eve of the Six Day War, his reaction to Israeli government attempts at making peace, and his declarations during the Iraqi scud missile attacks on Israel in 1991.

Also featured on this 58-minute film are selected segments from the Rebbe's talks through the years on the security of the Land of Israel. The Rebbe's words during these conflicts are timeless lessons to be applied to any situation.

Peace Upon the Land Video


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